Bernstein! An (almost) Birthday Bash
From left: Patrice Tiedmann, Gale Fuller, Bethany Worrell
Bernstein! An (almost) Birthday Bash
From left: William Merrill, Gale Fuller, Philip Lima, Bethany Worrell, Duane A. Moody, Patrice Tiedemann

Photo taken by Jeff Stoodt
Sing for Their Supper 2
From left: Courtney Huffman, Barbara Quintilliani, Wee Kiat Chia, Celeste Fraser, Molly Crookedacre, Jessica Grigg, Gregory Zavracky, Heather Gallagher, Tamara Ryan, John Allen Nelson, Timothy Steele, Grace Allendorf, Elisa Sunshine
Right on Your Doorstep
From left: Brandon Grimes, Pauline Wells, Martin McPhilemy, Chuck Parrish, Timothy Steele
Sing for Their Supper
Thanks so much to everyone who contributed to the first season of Milton Community Concerts!
Sing for Their Supper
The performers of "Sing for Their Supper" after a wonderful performance
Back row (from left): Lucas Levy, Julius Ahn, Ulysses Thomas, Deborah Selig, Timothy Stele, Marcos Santos and Jacquelyn Stucker
Front row: Michelle Trainor, Sara Heaton, Holly Zagaria, Grace Allendorf, Tamara Ryan and Emily Tweedy
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